Minimum stay 4 weeks
Meals Breakfast, Dinner
Internet Yes
Smoking No
Can pickup airport? No
House has pets? No
Available from 27 Nov 2017
Guests Students, Travellers, Workers, Demi Pair

Private room available for a female with a family of 3, in a new beautiful and quiet townhouse, with 4 bathrooms, 2 outdoor areas and multiple living spaces to relax, study or share time with the family.

The townhouse is centrally located in Mascot with easy access to the city, central, airport and eastern/northern/southern suburbs and beaches. 10 minute walk to Mascot train station and 2 minute walk to buses that service all these areas.

Homestay includes own room, all utilities, use of internet, use of laundry and food if required. Reduced rate if you don't require food to be supplied and wish to cook your own food.

A shared room or a demi pair options can also be provided.


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