Deposit $600
Minimum stay 16 weeks
Meals Breakfast
Internet Yes
Smoking Outside
Can pickup airport? No
House has pets? No
Available from 11 Apr 2018
Available to 31 Dec 2020
Guests Students

Hi! My name is Alexandra, you can call me Alexi! I am a mother living with my two adult daughters. One of my daughters has just finished studying to be come a psychologist, and my other daughter will soon begin her studies, as she wishes to become a physiotherapist.

We live in a two storey duplex house with a lot of space and built-in wardrobes in every room. Our house has two very large balconies and three bathrooms. Our house is just two years old and is very modern.

We live relatively close to Belmore station. To get to the station it is an easy 10/15 minute walk, or you can catch the bus from around the corner from our house to the station. I catch a train everyday for work to the city. I work in accounts.

We live in a very peaceful, safe neighbourhood and Burwood Road (the main road of Belmore) is full of different restaurants, cafes and other shops, including post office, news agency, chemist, grocery stores, hair/nail salons, banks, ATM machines and much more. It’s a lovely community with a lot of culture. We have Greek, Korean, Thai, Japanese, Italian and Lebanese (and more!) restaurants in our suburb!

We also live very close to Belfield, which is another 10 minutes walk in the opposite direction, and has a few lovely cafes, restaurants, grocery stores, news agency, post-office, hair/nail salon and a gym.

I am happy to provide breakfast and occasionally dinner. Unfortunately I can't promise dinner every night due to working late and sometimes not having the time to prepare meals for dinner.


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University of Sydney

9 kms